The best way to watch the game is to play the game.

The live PvP game experience for fans watching their favorite sports.

Don't let the house determine your odds.

Baseball season = Free Roll

Join us as we host Early Access games each week. It's Free-to-play, and you can pick up a cool $100.
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Sports fans cheering in stadium


What is Reveler?

Reveler is the live-produced PvP (player vs. player) game for fans watching their favorite sports events.  Buy credits in order to participate on game day and answer live predictions or trivia while the game is happening. Compete for the top spot by getting the most questions correct and receiving the cash prize at the end of the game. It's that easy.

We'll be hosting closed beta tests over the next few months with sports fans of several leagues, teams and sports. Stay tuned for the next Reveler powered game!

How do I sign up to play?

To get started, all it takes is signing up with your email address.

If chosen to be a tester for the next game, you'll be given access to buying a beta ticket which will give you credits towards playing an upcoming game. Depending on how many are invited/entered for that game will ultimately determine how much the pay out will be.

Once a ticket is purchased, you will be emailed with detailed information on how to enter the Reveler game along with prize information and also Reveler meet ups in 1 of our 100+ affiliated bars/restaurants (coming soon).

How can I find games/bars/fan groups?

At Reveler, we believe being connected with your fellow fans is the only way to enjoy watching sports. Which is why we've made it important to help fans connect with their tribe.

By signing up, fans have access to our game and bar finder to locate the best places to watch their team and connect with their community for free in their city.

More locations and games are being added often, be sure to check in!

Do I need to attend in person in order to play?

Though we value the human connection, we understand it's not always easy to get out to watch the game. Fans are able to participate either in person or digitally.

All participating fans will be eligible to win cash prizes, but those who also attend in person during a Reveler powered event will have chances to win food, drinks, and memorabilia during the game when cheering alongside fans.

Why sign up now?

Signing up now give you the earliest access to Reveler games, to help shape and form how the game will look for thousands of fans.

You'll be the first to know of the next event, along with unique rewards and badges for the being the first supporters of the Reveler community.