Using technologies to enhance human interaction and connectedness in the sports space and beyond.

Welcome to Reveler.

We’ve set out to create digitally-enhanced human connection in physical spaces, while supporting local businesses and neighborhoods. 

Our mission is to take smartphones, AR/VR devices, and other technologies that normally encourage solo physical interaction - and refocus them as "super enhancers" at in-person events, games, and other experiences.

We’re tying these digital layers & communities together into physical events IRL starting with sports and the fans who enjoy them.

Our Story

As avid online computer gamers growing up, and reveling in the many organic communities established with those all over the world, we all had one wish - to meet everyone in person. Though our ties were so close with these other gamers from other walks of life, we knew it would never be quite like knowing someone in-person.  

What we found is that with commonalities of interests (games & sports for example) you could break the social barriers associated with meeting people and making friends. This meant creating more connections quickly, along with more laughs, and definitely more fun.  

This is the same with in-person experiences - bringing people together with common interest breaks down social walls normally built up when interacting with someone for the first time. Technology has become increasingly impressive at bringing digital communities together. Pretty much anything you follow or do - there is a group for it. Why not add these amazing technological features to an in-person experience? This is what Reveler aims to do.

What we do

Have you ever had the challenge of finding where to catch the upcoming game? Or perhaps you’re traveling and want to catch a spot playing your team.  

We give fans a way to find where they can connect with each other to watch the game at neighborhood bars & restaurants. At the same time, businesses can promote games, teams, leagues that they’re showing and build a brand. 

From there, Reveler offers real-time gaming service for fans and the bar itself to interact with one another in real-time while watching the game. Chat with each other, vote on an upcoming play, and game alongside other fans and receive rewards all while supporting that local business. Stay tuned and join our waitlist!

Connect with your fanbase anywhere

If the home team is playing, every establishment with a TV is airing it, but that doesn't help if you're a fan of the away team or a unique sport.

However, as an "orphaned-fan" the opportunity to connect with the local community and find your game in bars isn’t always easy - or possible.

Reveler connects you to like-minded fans, let's you browse events nearby, and create sports-watching meetups by leveraging your collective voice.

When fans thrive, local businesses thrive

Help nearby businesses and revitalize the local community by connecting with fans of your favorite teams to watch the game. Signing up to Reveler, you can create a unique community  based on sports interests of the neighborhood and boost local establishments worth like never before.

Build a tailored brand with local fan buy-in and feedback

promote your bar and reach fans fast

fill seats every day with new events

coming soon:
sports bar 2.0

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