Look, we get it.

Finding a bar playing your favorite team or sport can be hard. What's even harder is connecting with sports fans and building a local community you’re invested in.

Everything sports near you anywhere (mobile app coming soon)

No more calling bar after bar

Find the bars & restaurants playing the televised sports events that matter to you.

Reserve a table, invite friends and unlock unique food and drink specials when doing so.

Have one place for no-hassle searching, reserve a spot, and avoid feeling lost on game night.

Connect with your fanbase anywhere

If the home team is playing, every establishment with a TV is airing it, but that doesn't help if you're a fan of the away team or a unique sport.

However, as an "orphaned-fan" the opportunity to connect with the local community and find your game in bars isn’t always easy - or possible.

Reveler connects you to like-minded fans, let's you browse events nearby, and create sports-watching meetups by leveraging your collective voice.

When fans thrive, local businesses thrive

Help nearby businesses and revitalize the local community by connecting with fans of your favorite teams to watch the game. Signing up to Reveler, you can create a unique community  based on sports interests of the neighborhood and boost local establishments worth like never before.

Build a tailored brand with local fan buy-in and feedback

promote your bar and reach fans fast

fill seats every day with new events

coming soon:
sports bar 2.0

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