Upcoming FRee Roll Game



NCAA Elite 8:

Men's BAsketball
Teams (TBD)

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Free Roll Digital gAME tICKET

Price: FREE-to-play


Digital Ticket for the upcoming Reveler test game granting access to play and compete with other fans with 1st place receiving $100.

Game time: Sunday, March 26th, 2023 at time TBD

*Valid phone number required for text notifications during the game.*

*One Ticket Per Person*

Reveler Early access

The Free Roll Game:

The mission is to build the most fun and engaging game fans and fellow friends can enjoy while watching their favorite sports.

We're hosting free games almost every week where fans can participate to help us build the best product for our fanbases specific to different sports, leagues, and teams.

It's free...it's early-access, and $100 goes to the 1st place winner every  game.

Answer Predictions

ex: Will this upcoming offensive drive result in a turnover, field goal, or touchdown?

Answer correctly during breaks in the game, and earn Reveler points.

Compete with Fans

Chat with fans in the game about upcoming plays, talk trash and climb the leaderboard answering predictions, trivia, and polls.

Get Rewarded

These Free Roll games are completely free to play/join.
The first place winner will receive a $100.

Game Time!

Game times will vary on the sport and length of game. Once you RSVP to a Free Roll, you will receive  more details for that game.