Will the Packers Fall in Love with Jordan?

For two decades, the Green Bay Packers had the starting QB problem solved.

Rain or shine, Aaron Rodgers was the man. Now he’s swanned off to the New York Jets. Enter Jordan Love, a man who has played 10 games in his three pro seasons in the NFL.

Jordan Love knew exactly what he was getting into when he was drafted #26 in the first round of 2020 by the Green Bay Packers. He could sit behind the legend, Aaron Rodgers, carry his coat, maybe step in once or twice but generally earn a paycheque by doing relatively little work. An easy life by all accounts.

Yet with Rodgers etching closer to 40 every year and his relationship with the franchise seemingly souring at the same rate, the cord was cut on his Packers’ career. The team now enters a phase in which they are totally unprepared with no experienced QB on the roster.

Likelihood of Love Becoming a Hero

Hey, do you know who you’re talking about? This is Jordan Love. He was the 2018 New Mexico Bowl MVP! Not forgetting about his election to the SECOND TEAM of the All-MWC in the same year! Okay, let’s stop the façade. He’s not distinguished at the pro game at all. His achievements are all from yesteryear and he’s played precious little football since. Of course, he was training with Aaron Rodgers for the best part of three years so should have picked up some wisdom – but it’s uncertain.

The Packers management and coaches obviously see something in him to elevate him to starting QB status, but in earnest, it’s a punt. If he turns out to be the missing component of Green Bay reaching the Super Bowl again, then it will undoubtedly pay off. Everybody will applaud him, the Packers for promoting him and Rodgers for leaving. You can make your own assumptions on how you think that will pan out. Kurt Warner apparently likes him already…

What's Love Got to Do with It

Tina Turner famously sang: “Oh-oh-oh, what's love got to do, got to do with it?” In the song by the same name. That could very well be the feeling come 2027 when the Green Bay Packers are celebrating a Super Bowl win. Why? Because Jordan Love might just be the fall guy. Somebody or in cut-throat terms, some body, has to play QB after Rodgers leaves. The team realistically needs time to re-discover its character and style after Rodgers’ departure.

In its simplest terms, there are turbulent times ahead for the Packers. Pessimistic Packers fans will see this as a cheap promotion for Love as the team goes through a transition phase. A bit like the Patriots after Tom Brady left. The coaches have no interest in finding a new superstar QB until they understand the direction they want to go in. When they know that, they’ll go hell for leather on either the hottest draft pick or an established player who wants out of an underperforming team. Who wouldn’t want to see Lamar Jackson in a nice shade of green?