Five QBs to Watch in the NCAA 2023-24 Season

Here are our top five QBs to watch in the upcoming season.

Whether or not your team needs a new quarterback to bolster their Super Bowl chances, it’s always great to gauge the best quarterback coming through the ranks.

Donovan Smith - Houston Cougars

The Houston Cougars’ new uniform isn’t the only eye-catching element of the team. Donovan Smith joins from Texas Tech. He’s shown capability in both the Liberty Bowl and the Texas Bowl. Sticking in the state but moving across town to Houston will give him great responsibility and the opportunity to impress in the college system. This man could easily be one of the most exciting prospects in the Big 12 competition. He’s already been described by some as a perfect fit for the team.

Bryson Barnes - Utah Utes

Of course, this one is made up with the grace of already seeing one game being played. Bryson Barnes might be the backup quarterback for the Utah Utes but his step-in performance against the Florida Gators makes him a really interesting proposition throughout the season. That 70-yard touchdown pass was something else. Imagine if he could do that every week!

Sam Hartman - Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Another amazing performance from the first week has got NCAA followers rightly excited about Norte Dame Fighting Irish and their QB, Sam Hartman. He threw four touchdowns as his team demolished Navy Midshipmen 42-3. Hartman joined the team from Wake Forest having enjoyed success there before. If he’s not already interesting enough from his on-field performances, get a load of this, he’s getting a bespoke necklace made out of his surgically removed rib. Not sure if that’s gnarly or just completely wretched.

Chevan Cordeiro - San Jose State Spartans

While Hawaii might not have a rich history of creating prolific players on the gridiron, Tua Tagovailoa has already bucked that trend.  The onus is on Chevan Cordeiro to keep up this trend. Now with the San Jose State Spartans, he was already named the Mountain West 2023 preseason offensive player of the year. He’s already showcasing tremendous leadership attributes for a young man which is only a good thing going forward. Could he take that momentum to the real season?

Carson Beck - Georgia Bulldogs

It would appear that every news outlet and sports book operator under the sun ranks the Georgia Bulldogs as the best team for the upcoming season. In such a case, they’ve got to have a pretty handy QB, right? Carson Beck is only 20 years old but already played in four Bowl games and won the CFP National Championship, surely he’s worth keeping an eye on for the upcoming season as he continues to attract interest from NFL franchises.