NCAA Championship:
Men's Basketball
Teams (TBD)
April 3, 2023



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Digital Ticket for the upcoming NCAA Championship Reveler test game granting access to play and compete with other fans to win the top cash prize.

**Prize pool amount determined by ticket sales.**

Game time: Monday, April 3, 2023 at time TBD

*Valid phone number required for text notifications during the game.*

*One Ticket Per Person*

The Upcoming Reveler Test

Game Details

We're on a mission to build the most fun and engaging game fans and fellow friends can enjoy while watching the game and we're just getting started...

Here's what to expect in our upcoming early access test:

Answer Predictions

ex: Will the next shot attempt be for 3 points?

Answer correctly during breaks in the game, and earn Reveler points.

Compete with Fans

Chat with fans in the game about upcoming plays, talk trash and climb the leaderboard.

Win Big

With  a limited number of tickets available, your chances to win are big.

Top 3 winners will split the prize pool, which will be determined by ticket sales.

Game Time!

This Reveler game will start right before the jump ball and game length will be the entire match.

This game is online, allowing you to participate no matter where you are (home, sports bar, or watch party).

Make sure you are signed in and created an account before the game begins!