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Connecting fans to local bars, restaurants and venues, to watch their favorite games and empower human connection - reimagining how fanbases interact with one another while watching the game.

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Sports Bar 2.0

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Find Games - Fast
Search from hundreds of upcoming sport events ranging from Football to F1 to eSports
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Browse Bars - Anywhere
Search from countless bars in your area playing the games you care about
Reveler app sports bar finder
Connect to the Neighborhood
Support local businesses by signing up and letting us know which games you care about most. Find your team's fans. When fans win, so do local businesses.
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Community Sports Hub
Discuss upcoming games, sports stats, and controversial calls with your fanbase, and decide the next spot of where to watch the game
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Game Your Way
With integrations with all of the main sports betting partners, pick how you'd like to play: Fantasy, PvP, Crypto - the choice is yours.
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Early Access to the Future
Unique/XR/immersive/Metaverse sports experiences through integrations (content, streaming, XR/AR, etc)
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Happy Fans <> Happy Bars

Our customers are beginning to's what they have to say:

We’ve partnered with Reveler to make it easier for sports fans to come together to watch their games.

It’s a great way to interact with other sports fans and everyone in the bar together to watch.

Stephen C.
General Manager at Stout NYC - Bryant Park

They [Reveler] have really helped me with saving money as well. Extremely helpful and always hands on with me to promote my business.

I’d recommend them to anybody.

Kenny K.
Partner at Playwright Celtic Pub - Times Square

Reveler has really helped me find where I can watch the upcoming MMA matches when my friends are looking last minute to find a place.


Matt P.
Sports fan and Reveler user
Sports fans cheering in stadium

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