The Philadelphia Eagles’ Schedule Will Be Telling

So, what about the Philadelphia Eagles?

No one's schedule is the same in the NFL. The best teams might get stuck with a tricky schedule whether as a plucky franchise might just get an easier draw and gain momentum to the Super Bowl.

Was 2022 the Blueprint?

Nick Sirianni showed the world that he’s got the mettle to make the Philadelphia Eagles better. Doug Pedersen was a tough act to follow given his team won the Super Bowl in 2017. Sirianni wanted to emulate his predecessor’s record by winning the big one in his second season as head coach. In case you didn’t know, he came up short as the Eagles lost 38-35 in one of the best Super Bowls ever.

Jalen Hurts on his day was unplayable to opposition defenses as he consistently orchestrated fine offense moves. He and most of his wide-receiving tools are still at the franchise (excluding Zach Pascal) meaning that a lot of the success can simply copied and pasted into the 2023 season, right?

5-1 isn’t a Bad Start

Six games played. Five games were won. The elephant in the room is that loss to the New York Jets. While it would be lazy journalism to signal the end of days for the Eagles, it’s a long season and these things happen. Jalen Hurts had a poor day at the office for sure with three interceptions being thrown. It could have been worse if Aaron Rodgers had been on the field for the Jets. Luckily he wasn’t!

But overall isn’t it lovely for the Eagles and their fans? The aforementioned Jalen Hurts has for the most part shown a steely manner to dig into his core and craft out results. The game against the Los Angeles Rams wasn’t a spectacle nor was it his best performance, but he was able to do enough to get the W. AJ Brown did his bit too with a casual 127 receiving yards in the bank.

The problem is what awaits them in the future…

Dolphins, Commanders, Chiefs, 49ers…Difficult

From the very start of the 2023 season, the Eagles always knew they were up against it. They were handed statistically the hardest schedule of all the teams. To be named as the Super Bowl champions you’ve got to defeat the best teams in the NFL – but you still don’t want to have to play them all in the regular season.

The Fall to Winter seasonal transition can be subject to some awful weather. The forecast for the Eagles is a turbulent gust with incoming Miami Dolphins, the Washington Commanders, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the San Francisco 49ers. But hey, it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right,?

The Dolphins have been something of a surprise package with an offense that can simply go all night long. Given that the Eagles’ wins have been pretty close, the Dolphins could easily splash them out of the water. One of those nail-biting narrow wins came against fellow NFC East team, the Commanders. The Eagles only won by three points, in overtime – incensing a potential redemption arc.

The 49ers are another team with a hot start with a great record so far, also 5-1 right now, which should make for another difficult contest. Whereas, the Chiefs. Do we need to explain how good they are and how they seldom lose?