Reveler Revamped

Today we're releasing Reveler Connect to fans and businesses to support community growth as we finally exit the pandemic.

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We're Back

We know - it’s been a while, and hope everyone had a great holiday season and is coming out of winter strong. In the broader world, we’ve seen, among other things, Facebook go all in on the metaverse with their rebrand as Meta, the legalization of mobile sports betting in states such as New York, the war in the Ukraine, and, at last, the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions that were dampening in-person events and communities. At Reveler we’ve been taking all of this in with our heads down while revamping with a new in-house product that we, and by extension the fan communities we serve, have total control over. 

If you're in a hurry and want the high level  view of new features and where to find them (nav bar), I've put the summary here:

  1. Find upcoming matches on the Matches page, and click to find viewing spots nearby.
  2. Explore local bars and venues on the Bars page, with search and filter across various location-specific and sports-related attributes, including fan communities they host, before getting all of the other details on their specific Profile page.
  3. Find these details and more organized around interest-based content hubs on the new League Hubs page and respective individual League Hub pages.

Several new posts will go into further detail over the coming days, so be sure to check back.

Sports Bars, Communities, and Matches Nearby with Reveler Connect

As fans, we want to connect others like us to the sport events, experiences, communities, bars, and other businesses that we most care about, regardless of whether they’re IRL or digital. To that end, today’s update gives fans and sports-related business owners the tools they need to discover, connect, and do those things for at no cost. Reveler Connect now supports unified user-specific accounts, preferences, data, and content across new features/pages to help fans find answers and solutions to their common problems they face when wanting to engage in sports viewing outside of the home:

  • Matches: discover upcoming matches and fixtures across various US and international leagues with real-time search and advanced filtering. Selecting the resulting match items links you to the Bars search result page where a list of NYC bars playing the match(es) is presented. This new feature answers frequently asked questions from fans online including:
  1. Where is boxing on tonight?
  2. Cricket near me
  3. UFC bars near me
  4. Sports matches on TV this week
  5. Champions league standings, fixtures, and scores
  • Sports Bars and Business Listings: browse all the best sports bars on the Bars page, or view those playing your match of interest by clicking "Find Bars" on the Matches page. The business profile pages are fully customizable to provide information fans seek online but cannot easily find including the top sports leagues, teams,  communities, and upcoming matches/fixtures playlist associated with each bar, business, and/or group. These pages answer frequently asked fan queries such as:
  1. Best sports bars near me
  2. Premier League Supporter Groups in NYC
  3. Formula 1 bars near me
  4. eSports bars and groups in NYC

  • Reveler Community Hubs: As we roll out more leagues, teams, features, and fan communities, we’re organizing info into “hubs” for fans. Like the previously mentioned pages, fans can find, visit, and join a hub to get their team's content, and connect to the fan community they’re looking for. We will be adding additional community features such as discord, gamification, and new interactions to make live events more exciting. Grab your free account in the meantime to get early access to upcoming features while there’s still availability.

In our next blog post, we will dive into the specifics with detailed features, benefits, examples and walkthroughs from both the fan and business account perspectives.

Get Involved, Get Rewarded

We’re continuously adding more bars, features, teams, fan groups, and more based on user and community feedback. If we’re missing something you and your friends are looking for, let us know. For those associated with fan/supporter groups and bars, refer them to us so we can get them onboarded and online while giving you rewards. For readers who are hesitant to grab their free account on our web app now, but want to stay in the loop, get the local newsletter, and join later, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

We have a lot of other ideas and features to help fans, businesses, and local communities, but our biggest source of insight comes from fellow fans like you. If you have product feedback or just want to get in touch, please reach out to us on our Contact page!