Weekly Update: 100+ and Counting

Updates 5/19/21

Proving a problem

This week, we surveyed over 100 fans of all sport types in the NYC area asking if they experience a problem finding where their sport events are played. Over 97% of all fans responded saying that not only is it a problem, but they believe Revelr would solve this problem entirely.

Additionally, over half of these fans expressed interest in voting for sporting events at their favorite bars and engaging in digital engagement while at the event (chatroom, polling, giveaways, etc.)

One of our first bars! Dalton's in Hells Kitchen:

Beta Program

Our beta launch to a few select bars is coming in just a couple of weeks. We will also be reaching out to a few subscribers to get feedback on the initial product soon. If you're interested in being a beta tester, let us know!

What televised sports do you watch?

We want fans of all sports to be able to use Reveler in order to find where their favorite teams are playing. Are you a fan of Football? Or maybe it's Soccer, F1, or eSports? How about hockey, cricket or curling? Reply to this email and let us know!

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